Friday, July 6, 2018

July 6 Thought for the the "Kerux"

Have you ever thought about what Jesus meant by "preach the Gospel?" Did you think that means you need a pulpit and a church? The word preach tells an interesting story. Let's look at the scripture.

"And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

The word Jesus uses to say, "preach" means to be God's spokesman. The title used for a spokesman of the king is called "kerux." This is what Jesus was talking about when he said: "preach." A kerux had an extremely important role. He was respected by all people because he was one of the few people who had direct access to the King.

When the King had a message to deliver he would summon the kerux. The kerux would sit silent listening to every word of the King so he might deliver the message exactly as the King wanted it. Once the King was done speaking he had the freedom to ask any and all questions he might have. The kerux was to deliver not only the words of the king but so understand the King's heart and emotions behind it that it came out of their mouth as it came out of the mouth of the King!

The words were not the only message conveyed by the kerux. They must be a person of grace, kindness, strength, and love. They had to deliver the heart of the King in every way. They would only deliver the King's words not adding or subtracting anything from it. If he were not versed on what the King had to say about a particular subject he would remain silent. He also was a man of character and integrity because he was representing the King.

So as those who are to "preach" the Gospel we must...

1) Spend time listening to and being with the King
2) We must not only know the Kings words but his heart as well
3) We must be an example of the King in words and action
4) When we are unsure what to do, we must remain at peace until we hear from the King. We must never respond out of our will
5) We must also always be people of character and integrity

You thought preaching meant only to share the Gospel with does, but it is not merely in words but action and attitude as well. So preach the Gospel many times you will use words but sometimes it will be your actions and attitude will speak more than your words!

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