Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 7 Thought for the day...God expects more than just getting by

My grandfather at 30 had his leg crushed in the Donora mill rescuing 3 trapped men. This was before unions and social security benefits. He was unable to work as a millwright any longer, so for his heroism, he was let go and given $25/week for life. They lost their home and moved into an apartment. He became the manager of the building, and one of my fondest memories of him is sitting in the basement watching him shovel coal into the furnace of the building. He never allowed his disability to get him down or stop him from hard work to care for his family. I think Jesus loved that about my grandfather, I know I did!

And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Matthew 25:30

How does this fit with my grandfather? Jesus tells the story of a boss who leaves money with three servants. Two of the servants double his money. One simply returns what the master gave him.

The two that doubled the money he said this, "well done, good and faithful servant you have been faithful in little...." They doubled his money, yet they were faithful in little? The boss recognized that doubling his investment was the least that they could do. He was not criticizing them, encouraging them, he saw so much more potential in them. They needed to know they had so much more to offer. There are very few in the church that don't have more to offer. We have so much in the realm of gifts, talent, time, and treasure. As we look around us, what is the value of one soul? How much of your time, talent, or treasure are you willing to give to keep a family together, save someone from hell, or a life of addiction. Investing in children's church, worship team, serving, outreach ministry touches people for eternity. Add to that, God will not be out-blessed. What are you missing from your life because your investment is wrong? God wants to bless his kids, but He can only do it as they are faithful and obedient.

That brings us to the other servant. He knew there would be a cost expected, yet he didn't even put the gift he was given in the bank to gain some interest. One way of reading this is that he wasted it on himself. We could say maybe he didn't have enough time, maybe he felt his education was inadequate, maybe he didn't know what to do. The boss entrusted him with the talent, so he knew that he knew what could be done with it! The word "unprofitable" means lazy, apathetic, lukewarm. The word actually describes someone whose existence in life is pointless. Jesus was saying this servant was apathetic to the desires of the boss and to his own value as a servant that he actually had no value to the kingdom, to God, or to the world God loved. 

Now that's pretty harsh. God gives gifts to bless both the receiver and all of those in their life. Wasting God's gifts through laziness or apathy doesn't allow God to bless you or see you fulfill your destiny and in the case of the servant caused him to walk away from God and wind up in hell. Wow!!!! Now that is something to think about...Don't settle for just getting by, God wants you to be a blessing, and He wants to bless you! 

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