Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 6 Thought for the day...compassion

How many times have you seen those commercials with the starving children or wounded animals and felt like picking up the phone and pledging to help? How much more should we feel that way when we see our brothers or sisters in trouble. Jude talks about that

22 "And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering."

Jude uses the word here for "mercy" that has the meaning of the "feeling of compassion" we get watching those commercials. This word means to have that deep, unsettling feeling, an emotion that you would get when you see something extremely sad or upsetting. It is that heart string pulls that you get as you see the video of the hungry children.

Jude is challenging us to have that level of brokenness and compassion for our brothers and sisters in Christ when they fail or fall. It is normal for some to think well they choose to get into these bad situations by their bad choices. Jude's challenge is to remember that each of us fails, each of us is growing, each of us needs a little help at times and a little forgiveness. 

We are to have a feeling of compassion for those that are hurting. Just so we understand empathy feels a person's pain and walks with them in it. Compassion feels their pain then helps them through it to healing and/or freedom. Compassion feels their pain then looks for ways to help them up, not leaving them in their pain.

We all need help some time or another. Never look down on a brother or sister in pain or trapped because of their sin. Remember you too are a sinner saved by grace and are daily in need of His grace and mercy so allow your heart to be broken for the broken and strengthen their faith with compassion

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