Friday, October 12, 2018

October 12 Thought for the day...consistency the key to rewards

Every Christian that is growing and maturing will go through times of doubt. A faith walk purposely stretches us and many times we doubt the call, the plan, or whether we are hearing God's voice. Believe it or not, that is still walking by faith. Let's take a look.

"But without faith, it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

When people share this verse, they tend to believe that doubt is the antithesis of faith. As I mentioned earlier we all struggle with doubts from time to time, but if we keep moving forward we do not lose faith, in fact, I have seen doubt push people right into faith. The real problem comes with consistency.

The word translated "without" means to be outside of something. Faith is a place a state of being and to be without faith is to be outside of that state of being. Being in a state of faith is based on whether or not you are acting in obedience to your assignment. In our assignment, we can struggle with doubts at different levels, but we remain in our assignment being obedient to the Lord's call. It is when we begin to do things contrary to God's call, contrary to obedience to the Lord, or contrary to being examples of Jesus that we have left "faith."

How do I know I am "in" faith? Ask yourself these questions: Am I doing what God told me to do? Am I fulfilling the assignment He gave for my life? Am I living in obedience to His Word and to the revelation He has given me? Am I sticking with the plan Jesus asked me to execute? If you are, then you are living in faith and pleasing the Lord!

We are only able to keep "in" faith by keeping our eyes on Jesus. The enemy wants us to become inconsistent. He wants us getting angry, being fearful, frustrated, prideful, or worrisome and stepping out of faith to the flesh.

"Rewarder" is that the Lord will cause those who remain consistent to see the full manifestation of what they believe for, in every way, in every instance. In other words, if you stay in faith, you will without a doubt receive all you expect.

"Diligently" is what trips us up! It means that we are focused, concentrating on the end. It is our unwavering commitment to God and His assignment, you will not allow anything to push you "out" of faith, but you will remain connected to God's call. Your commitment is unbendable, unmovable you stand firm on God's Word, call, and living His standard.

This is how real faith works. It is not as easy to lose it as by doubt as maybe you previously considered, but our inconsistency will cause us to fail every time on our journey of fulfilling God's plan for our lives...Just be consistent!

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Lynn Nohavicka said...

In all circumstances remain “in faith”. I’ve seen first hand as soon as I begin to doubt or step back away from God the enemy’s attacks are stronger, deeper and more often. he tries to trip us up BUT God is always there to catch us! There are times however when our faith has to be something we are willing to make happen something we must work at BUT God again is waiting for us to realize this and for us to make that decision, this is not always an easy task especially if we think God isn’t listening. Rest assured He is and we must believe He works everything out for His good and maybe just maybe what we want isn’t what He wants!