Monday, June 4, 2018

June 4 Thought for the day...rooted for a destiny

Have you ever gone through a time when you have been waiting for your harvest, and it seems like it is taking forever? I think sometimes we think God is like a Chia Pet just add water and there is instantaneous growth. God has a different plan.

"rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving." Colossians 2:7

Before any tree can bear fruit, there must be a time for it to allow the roots to go down deep and then once established in the soil the tree begins to blossom and bear fruit. Jeremiah talks about it, and the Psalmist wrote about it in 1:3 that a person rooted in God's word is like a tree who deals with the elements but always bears fruit because they are dug in deep. It may be taking a while for your fruitful season, but the bigger the tree, the bigger the root system must be. You may be preparing for some greatness, and your time is coming, but your roots must go deeper first.

The word "rooted" in the Greek means to be firmly held in place, steady, stable, and strong. The roots gain the nourishment for the tree and also are the security for the tree to withstand anything and everything that comes against it. Rather than complaining that it is taking a long time to see fruit in your life, take the time to get into the word, grow in the Holy Spirit allow your roots to go down deep. If you do, eventually you will come into your fruitful season, and nothing will be able to stop you or slow you down.

Begin to thank the Lord for taking a longer time in your life. Have you ever seen someone who achieved success too quickly in life only to implode or lose it because they really weren't deep-rooted? When you have allowed your roots to go down deeper, then you are "established" set in a strong, solid place, firmly secure in all that you will do. 

You have been taught, gained the experience, and the maturity, you are ready to take on the world and be everything you have been called and destined to be. Don't fret, don't worry, allow the rooting to take place will guarantee you freedom, joy, and success. Be thankful for all the Lord is doing in your life because you have chosen to wait and allow your roots to go deep!

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