Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8 Thought for the day...putting the devil in his place

If you have read my posts for any length of time you know, I grow weary of people honoring and giving into the devil. I hope today through this word, to strengthen your resolve in dealing with him.

"....Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." James 4:7

James as a pastor has seen many lives end in mental and emotional shipwreck because of believing the lies of the evil one and giving in to his every word. He is giving clear direction, that I hope you will understand today as well.

The word translated resist means to fiercely oppose, to do everything you can to stand against something, to defy it in every way! Too often the enemy is able to sneak in and keep picking at us because we don't know and stand on God's Word. We entertain bad attitudes and thoughts that are lies from the enemy. We gladly welcome a lesser version of God's plan for our lives, short-changing His purpose to except some lie of the enemy but as we stand on God's word for our future, finances, health and so much more the enemy is defeated.

The word translated devil is more of an occupation than a person. It means to repetitively strike something until it finally pierces an object or in this case a person's mind. Doesn't that sound like an apt description of the way the enemy works? He keeps striking at our minds again and again until he breaks us down and gains access to our thoughts and minds. Once he pierces our minds with lies, he establishes as stronghold there that can destroy our relationship with the Lord and others.

However, despite all of this Satan is worried! You see he worries that we will take God and His Word seriously. The word used for flee means to run away in terror. If we stand on God's word when the enemy lies and attempts to influence us, we begin to move in our God-given authority, if the enemy hangs around he will be dominated and ruled over because of the power of God's word. The devil fears that people will begin to believe God at His word and every power and principality will come down and be overrun by the power of God.

Determine today to stop allowing him to win in his barrage of your mind with his lies. Stand against him, put him in his place and watch him run! 

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