Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 3 Thought for the day...make the freedom choice

As the New Year begins many of us take it as a time to make the change we have long been thinking about. Some have been struggling with weight issues, others bad habits, some struggle with life simply being out of control but if we are honest for most of us it is a sin issue that we feel powerless overcome.

Sin can feel that way. It becomes a friend at times that we somehow feel comfortable around. Trying to overcome it has been impossible so we simply acquiesce. Paul had something to say about that in Romans 6:12

"Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to sinful desires."

The phrase Paul uses in the Greek for "do not let sin control" is a hopeful and challenging phrase the idea here is that we are commanded to make the choice to not allow this control in our lives. 

Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit would not make such a statement if we did not have the ability to overcome. If we recognize that these areas in our lives are sin areas and not simply bad habits, bad thoughts, or family carry-overs then we know that through Christ we are no longer slaves to sin. God would not tell us to stop something if He were not willing to give us the power to do so.

Take Paul's challenge this year. Accept that these things you want to change are sin areas and welcome the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to overcome. Guess what will happen, you will overcome but His power and strength.

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