Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time for a change

Many people look at their lives at some point and decide it is time for a change.

People change 
- jobs
- hair styles
- spouses
- and so many other things 

all in the hope of starting something new, getting a new start in life, or developing a new attitude.

This may work for a season but the real change can't be superficial or external it must be one of the heart to change.

The world is in need of a change. Many well intentioned people work very hard to try to make change but poverty, hopelessness, abuse, rejection, all still exist. No program, no army, no philosophy, can bring the change and only a real relationship with God cause real change.

In the name of religion, wars have been fought and are being fought but they have not brought about long lasting change. They have brought oppression, fear, and brokenness.

Jesus came not to establish a religion but instead a relationship, hope, peace, and to give a future to all.

If you are looking for a change, look to Jesus, the real one, the one in the Bible. Men may fail you, denominations may fail you, religions may fail you, but he never will!

You may think you know who He is, but I would challenge you to read the book of John in the Bible to find out who He really is. If you don't have a Bible go to my other blogspot and read "April 30 - May 31" those dates will give you the entire book of John (pastortimburgan.blogspot.com)  

Feel free to leave questions or comments here and I will get back with you.