Wednesday, January 8, 2014

what the Bible says about you....Day 8

You are the beloved

Song of Songs 6:3

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine"

The book of Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) is a love story it is allegorical and natural, in other words it shows us God's great love for us and can be used to as an example of the love that a husband and wife should have for each other.

All of us have in our hearts and minds an idea of how we want to be loved. Some have a great relationship in their lives that allows them to live that idea, others are still hoping. 

This scripture reveals to us that the love we are looking for is already here. The Lord believes in us completely supports us totally, never gives up on us and is doing everything to make us feel loved.

There is no one that believes in you more than the Lord. There is no one that loves you more! There is no one that wants the best for you and wants you more fulfilled than the Lord.

Challenge yourself today to allow Him to show you this great love. He is always looking at you through the eyes of love! He believes in you!